Xenoabe UX

Emmy award winning UX professional. I put the fun in functional.


Hi, I'm Justin. I've worked in the User Experience field for more than 10 years now. I currently oversee and direct all of the UX for all of Cartoon Network. That includes mobile apps, mobile games, console games, console apps, 10 foot apps (Roku, Apple TV, etc.) and the website. I love creating fun experiences that are also future-facing. I enjoy my job because I'm always working on new things and trying to figure out new experiences that are fun and memorable for our users.

Outside of UX I have 3 big passions: Video Games, Sports, and Music.

Video Games
I've played video games since I was 3. I relate console systems and specific games to points in my life. I still get that magical feeling whenever I play a great game. My favorite game of all time is Final Fantasy VII and I remember pouring every free second I had into that game. I've always had the ultimate career goal to design and create great video game experiences.

Before I got into UX I was always around sports. I've umpired baseball for a number of years. I've worked score tables and concession stands. I was a Student Athletic Trainer at Georgia Tech when Calvin Johnson played. I've been into sports my whole life and became a diehard fan when I reached college. I mostly follow football, baseball, soccer, and basketball. The feel and atmosphere of a great sporting event is unrivaled.

I love playing it, listening to it, and experiencing concerts. I played saxophone for 10 years. I play a little bit of guitar and drums. I'm constantly scanning Spotify for my new favorite band. I've been to hundreds of concerts over the years. You can find me listening to music almost every waking moment.

If I make two of these are they feeters?